Start Your Day with a Workout!

A good night’s rest and you’re ready for the day ahead. Before you start your day, treat yourself to a quick routine that will keep you energized and upbeat for the day. Not only that, but it will set your metabolism on fire! Once your metabolism is revved up in the morning, it just keeps working throughout the day, giving you a fat blasting advantage! Advantages are always good.

Exercise has amazing long-term benefits any time of day, but starting your day with a quick routine will just make the rest of the day so much better to go through. This 5-minute circuit routine will having you dripping sweat at the crack of dawn. While everyone else is still dreaming about their fitness goals, you’ll be making them happen. Set your alarm clock for 7-10 minutes earlier than usual, and set the tone for an amazing day! You can do this routine indoors or outdoors; just give it all you’ve got. Start  your day on high note, and you’re guaranteed to end the day the same way.

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