$11bn wiped off Linkedin value as shares dive over 40pc

LinkedIn Corp's shares plunged as much as 43pc on Friday, wiping out nearly $11 billion of market value, after the social network for professionals shocked Wall Street with a revenue forecast that fell far short of expectations. The stock sank to a three-year low of $109.50, registering its sharpest decline since the company's high-profile public listing in 2011. At least seven brokerages downgraded the stock from "buy" to "hold" or their equivalents, saying the company's lofty val...

Saudi Arabia Raises Domestic Fuel Prices

RIYADH—Saudi Arabia on Monday unveiled plans to cut expenditures and sharply raised domestic fuel prices as the world’s top oil exporter attempts to cope with a new era of cheap crude prices. After years of spending its massive oil wealth to bolster the local economy and provide subsidized energy and other utilities to its 30 million people, a steep decline in oil priceshas forced the kingdom to reassess these plans. On Monday, officials said the government ran a record deficit of ne...

Yoga for Winners

Can I get success in my life and work by doing yoga and pranayam? Answer Ultimate aim of yoga is to get salvation and get united with the supreme intelligence or God. Yoga asana and pranayama is one of the methods to fine tune your mind and body to such a level that meditation becomes possible. But most of the people are not interested in yoga for salvation but just for improving the quality of life and get better health. Now you may consider the following benefits of yoga which will he...

Start Your Day with a Workout!

A good night’s rest and you’re ready for the day ahead. Before you start your day, treat yourself to a quick routine that will keep you energized and upbeat for the day. Not only that, but it will set your metabolism on fire! Once your metabolism is revved up in the morning, it just keeps working throughout the day, giving you a fat blasting advantage! Advantages are always good. Exercise has amazing long-term benefits any time of day, but starting your day with a quick routine will just make...

Successful Business Women

sexy busy woman in dress nylons and pumps
It takes a lot of dedication and persistence to be successful in the business world. This can be especially true for a young woman that might have to overcome certain biases or barriers that do not exist for others. A young woman has to know what she wants and has to be willing to go after it, regardless of any resistance she might face. It is definitely possible for people of each and every race and gender to become successful. However, to help young woman reach this goal of business success, w...

What Makes JobSphere.net different?

Employers can post a job in as little as 10 minutes on the site with no limits to ad size and start receiving CVs in response immediately. The posting typically remains active for as long as 30 days and continues to receive applicant CVs immediately as job seekers come across it. In the background our team works to match the available candidates with the vacancies on offer from our clients.  Clients can see potential candidates availability and experience through the candidate and employer po...

Bringing Employer and Candidate Closer

At JobSphere it is our mission to create an environment that ensures the candidate is more accessible to the employer and vice-versa.  Many sites simply advertise jobs however at JobSphere we believe it is more effective to have employers advertising roles and candidates posting their availability and capabilities at the same time.  Employers can see the type of candidate available in real time, his experience to date, his location and his availability.